April 20th, 2007

not a nugget

friday five

happy weekend folks!! i love fridays :)

i didn't like the LJ five for today, so i grabbed a friday four:

Q1 - Your Life: If your life were an audition for a movie, what part would you say you were auditioning for, and what part do you think you'd be offered?
when i was in high school i always wanted to be blanche in a streetcar named desire...i ended up with stella. i still want to be blanche ;) but if it were my life.....hmmm....riding in cars with boys..... that movie hit really really close to home.

Q2 - Food: What is your favorite sandwich?
grilled peanut butter and banana

Q3 - Law: European Union nations agreed yesterday on new laws they say will combat racism and hate crimes across the 27-nation bloc, including setting jail sentences of up to three years for anyone who denies or trivializes the Holocaust. What do you think about that?

i am quite pleased with the law against denying genocide massacres. i think, however, by excluding other notable atrocities, such as Stalinsim, it trivializes them.
i also don't think these laws will be enforced, nor will they reduce hate crimes and racism. they need to focus on events of today, particularly the crimes against the roma. several countries already have laws against denying the holocaust and it has not reduced racism. and they need to do something about the judges. how about this judge? a roma woman was raped and badly beaten. after, the men pushed her in a nearby river, calling her names and telling her to wash up. bloody and severely hurt, she drowned. the men were charged with disturbing the peace. the judge said her death was not the fault of the rapists, but of the river. not kidding.

Q4 - Dress Code: If you just started working in an office that had a "business casual" dress code, and to the best of your knowledge no one had ever asked the boss (who has an open door policy) if it would be okay to dress down on Friday, would you bring it up or not touch it with a 10-foot pole?
i will never be working anywhere that has business casual anyway ;)
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