April 19th, 2007

don't fear death

more on the mountain....

looks like mother nature is kind, so far, this season. the weather is holding up well and teams are already setting up in advanced base camp. there may be summit bids as soon as the weekend. it actually seems to be the busiest season up there ever. prague's mayor has taken a two-month unpaid leave of absence to summit with a czech team and dutch expedition this year. seems he was not allowed into tibet by the border patrols. although all his paperwork and visas were valid, no one is saying just why he was refused entry at the border. china has tightened up security this year after they were filmed murdering tibetans heading to the border last year. one of those tibetans was a 17 year old nun. so, he turned around to approach from nepal and summit without supplemental oxygen. he made base camp on tuesday. the super sherpa expedition was met, with great surprise, yesterday by none other than hillary. how exciting that must have been for the team! they are definitely a team to watch. apa has the world record for 16 summits and lhakpa holds the record for fastest summit, 10 hours and 56 minutes - that is base camp straight to the summit!

Cato Zahl Pedersen, Norwegian. The Unarmed Team
...literally, unarmed!