April 15th, 2007


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i think i feel a bit lonely this morning. maybe some homesickness..... longing for a night out in the marginy. missing people, places.... sharing. i miss my cat and i want some vegie gumbo.
and i am craving touch.... i've been reminded recently what it is like to want that... that craving. not just the sex (though heavens knows i want that too!), but intimacy... that someone who can touch you inside out. for moments...hours at a time there is nothing in the entire world, but the two of you. no phones, no people...everything else has just faded away and doesn't matter. someone who wants to take in everything about you....your secrets, your scent, your words and your heart. you want to selfishly indulge yourselves of each other....neither words nor desire cease to flow. it is an exploratory process of mind and heart. its butterflies in your tummy mingling with curiosity and lust. you know that feeling.... just can't get enough of each other?
i want to feel that again....
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