April 10th, 2007

mad cow

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i saw james dean on the metro today.
i'm not kidding.

and some words from regionalism class today that are too good not to share.
"The last Soviet soldier left Czech in the summer of 1991. The last Soviet soldier left Germany in 1994. The Americans still haven't left."

our internet was down when i came home from school today. i went to our intranet to try and see if i could translate any reason why. we have a chat there... i got lazy with my dictionary and finally just asked, in english, if the net was down. i got a reply...that is what all the chat had been about. from that point i get half czech and half english telling me to still chat with them. ;) one says we can continue in english, but now he is too lazy to use the dictionary and that his world has become surprisingly small with no internet. lol another tells me to say something in czech. i do my typical new student lines - i am a student. i am from america. ;) i then practiced a few other little sentences.... that counts as studying right? ;)
i still cannot say four - čtyři = to save my life. anything i want 4 of, i am stuck asking for three or five. i have come to hate most words with ř between two consonants.
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