April 7th, 2007

don't fear death

here we go again....

interesting/amusing responses:
"I am 21 with 6 years in the lifestyle"
"...looking for female sub or switch" (if he will settle for a switch he isn't for me)
and "I also enjoy switch if the mood hits me"
"i am a switch.i love meeting submissive female.i will respect any and all limits u may have."
"Hello." (yep, that definitely got my interest sparked)
"i want a slave that I can take and have complete and total control over in everything" (such depth)
"professionaliso fem sub forbusiness and pleasureemployment in software biz and bdsm obediencerelocation to arizoandonphx" (huh??? WTB spacebar)
"I still believe that a woman, regardless of her status as a slave, should have her chair held for her and her door opened." (yes! why do some dominants believe that slavery takes that away? that he no longer has to have any semblance of gentleman-ness?)
"will respect all limits and safewords" (nope...don't want someone who respects them or allows them ;) those are for play partners and have no place in the relationship that is right for me)
this one said that it is a shame i live in louisiana and he has "sworn never to return to that imbecilic, nepotistic hairy armpit of a state" (yep, insult my home....good start)
"I am not interested in cyber chatter/bs or show and tell. I prefer flesh and occasionally blood." (oh....be still my heart)
" if you would like being totaly babied and taken care of " (nope)
"I am a dominate" (this one always gets me. there are verbs and there are nouns and there is a difference)
"Let me show you that Republicans can be warm..caring..and strict." (LMAO...i had to respond)
"i offer marriage...." (m-m-m-m-what?)
"from southern, Pa, about an hour drive from you" (let's just say that i am home in new orleans - which is what my profile reads - someone tell me how this is possible?)
"devilishly decadent and depraved" (alliterations are so sexy!)

i really don't mean to pick on people....but it just amuses the hell out of me that they don't take the time to read my ad before emailing and then expect a response when what they write contradicts my words.

then there is the "Educated, eclectic mountain boy" at home that i miss! :) (blowing kisses)

i think the most interesting....rather, odd, response i had was a man that actually knew Chris. we didn't discover this until we had been communicating for a couple of weeks. he worked in the adult film industry and actually directed a couple of the films Chris was in.....that was just too few degrees of separation for me! what are the odds?

so do we vote now on whether this is just another one of maia's phases? or if the effort is legitimate?
or....just maybe.....it will have results.... positively delicious ones.....
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