April 6th, 2007

don't fear death

getting a life

once again, i am going to actively respond to those personal ads i have scattered around the great wide web. it has been almost five years since Chris and if i don't truly try i may never....
of course, psychologically, i know it is easier now because i am too far away to actually meet anyone ;) but even so, that is a start, yes?
i am feeling more private these days than in the last few years of journaling, so i think i am also going to switch to more friends only post than usual. if you read, and i haven't added you, just let me know if you want to play voyeur to my generally uneventful life. ;)
don't fear death

the friday five

What’s your routine when you sit down to read a newspaper?
point and click ;)

When you fire up your web-browser on a typical day, what’s your browsing routine?
usually check school email first. i start with an intent to research something but i get sidetracked by links so easily!

It’s time to tidy up your living space! In what order do you normally tackle things?
put things in their place, dust, floors.... what a silly question!

Holy cow! It’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping! How do approach this annual, sometimes-daunting task?
i don't do christmas....easy enough ;)

What’s your method for paying bills?
point and click and cringe ;)