March 30th, 2007

don't fear death

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in the czech republic, all incoming calls on a cell phone are free.
cool :)

makes sense. the phone companies are only able to charge one side for the same call.
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last day of trial...

trial is wrapping up for carlin. closing statements are this morning.
testifying was very difficult. however, i was very touched by a call i received, before i left alaska, from leppink's mother. she knew how very difficult it was for me and wanted to thank me. my heart hurts for her.
if i were a juror, i couldn't convict him. too circumstantial. it has almost seemed like both the prosecution and defense have worked together to point at one person - my sister. in fact, the defense only argued for one day. the prosecution, i think, did most of the leg work for them and really helped to cast all the blame - and possibly the murder itself - directly on her. there is so much against her....the alaska daily news published some of the emails they retrieved from the laptop she asked me to erase. the men who testified they were involved with her..... it has looked worse and worse for her with every witness - state or defense.
what will the outcome mean for her? the prosecution's side is that she talked carlin into killing leppink. if he is acquitted, how will their case still be strong? if he isn't, will he plea bargain and testify against her?
we have a long wait ahead of us.