March 28th, 2007

don't fear death

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so, it is official.....i suck at journaling. i used to be so up-to-date with it....anyone been around that long anyway?
i have a second interview today for a job teaching english....wish me luck! i have had to prepare a 45 minute lesson as a demonstration.
and on presentations...gave my first one in class yesterday. the grading system is quite odd. after four of us presented he said, pointing to 3 of us, including myself, " you, you, you, receive excellent marks. you, not so good. you can write something better or just use the final exam which will not be such a good final grade." he also reprimanded her about her presentation after she gave it. the dialogue was in czech, so i don't know what he told her, but she was in tears. i guess there is no doing such things in privacy..... but, her presentation was poorly done and ill prepared. i did end up going with lazarsfeld's elaboration model. one more presentation to go this semester. other than that and a paper for one class, nothing between exams..... entire semester grades hinge on final exams for the most pressure....
don't test on me

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so, the interview went pretty well. i have a third - and hopefully final - one on monday. the pay is enough to live on, and with my stipend, rent is covered as well. would be great not to touch my bank accounts or credit cards while i am here. i really have to study this weekend....went out of town last weekend and really fell behind, especially in czech.
bought some new shoes today since i figure there may be times when i need something a little dressier than my tennis shoes. ;) on the way home i went to this market that i like. it is sort of a flea market with clothes, shoes, backpacks and other lagniappe, but has a great fruit and veggie vendor at the end. i am just settling down with a huge salad and have some snap peas, mushrooms and tofu on the hotplate. :)
and, in a moment of desperation (read: to lazy to go downstairs to the vending machine), i discovered the tap water actually tastes much better than the bottled water. i would know by now if it isn't safe.
one of my professors gave a hand-out today, with a map and a few paragraphs of text. the text is in Czech. his words: 10 million people speak Czech, I am sure you all can understand it.

uh huh......