March 7th, 2007

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Oregon man admits to unauthorized travel to Libya
Posted by Newsroom March 05, 2007 11:20AM
Categories: Breaking News
A Happy Valley businessman pleaded guilty in federal court today to traveling to Libya in early 2001 without U.S. government authorization, a felony violation of U.S. sanctions against the North African nation.

Tanveer Ahmad, a 56-year-old developer who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Pakistan, will be sentenced June 4 for violating Libyan Sanctions Regulations.

The crime carries a punishment of up to 10 years imprisonment. But Ahmad's sentence is expected to be substantially less under the terms of a plea arrangement with the government. His attorney, David McDonald, expects to seek probation for Ahmad, a developer in the Portland area.

The plea, which followed more than one year of negotiations between attorneys for Ahmad and the government, calls for him to pay back $275,000 that he earned while working in Tripoli in violation of the sanctions, McDonald said.

-- Bryan Denson