March 3rd, 2007

don't fear death

wash your mouth out with mydlo

every language has false cognates that can get you in trouble....
here are some Czech ones.
kurva is not curve, but whore
poluce is not pollute but a wet dream
prezervativ is not preservative but a condom
komfortni is not comfortable but luxurious

religious curse words and fuck aren't really curse words at all. i guess because the population is mostly agnostic, it isn't worth a syllable to damn, hell, christ or jesus! krucifix is a bad word, however. instead of sending your enemy to hell, you send him up your ass. really. Tahni do prdele!
and, apparently fucking isn't offensive. but...kurva (see above) is! so fuck is replaced with whore and "Do prdele!" (literally up the ass). equivalent to bitch is cow, krava, much more offensive to women than the american bitch.
the most common curse word is prdel, or ass, with phrases such as kiss my ass, up the ass (up the cunt has its place as well, though extreme), and lick my ass.
a bit anal, eh? german influence, perhaps?

Popular also is "Vyser si voko!" - literally "shit your eye out". ouch.

ok, not exactly what i should be learning but i needed a break ;)