March 2nd, 2007

don't fear death

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today i am cold to the bone. one of those chills you can't shake off no matter how bundled you make yourself. there was no sun today. the wind is biting, but at least it isn't raining. it is still gray and even looksbitter.
i went to pick up my stipend and was ever so proud of myself that i could actually understand her telling me to come back on the 5th. :) progress, we have progress!!
i have to get myself to the library tomorrow. procrastination has run its course. here, students don't purchase textbooks, they read them in the library and make pages and pages of copies to take home. each class also requires a minimum of thirty supplemental articles. i've a feeling i will be spending more time reading in the library.
but for now, a long hot shower and a cup of tea.....