February 26th, 2007

don't fear death

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classes are going well. czech is difficult though! at least i am where i can practice, even if with some embarrassment, every day.
did i mention public transportation is awesome? no one checks your ticket, but you are supposed to buy them at Traffika (newsstands) or vending machines near most stops. they have transit police that will periodically board trams, busses and the metro to check for tickets. they just flash their badge and if you don't have a ticket, they fine you 400 crowns on the spot. i was flashed for the first time the other day. luckily i did just purchase a 4 month pass for all public transit. i love it. i can hop on anything and get where i need to go, pretty quickly too.
the weather seems to be getting a little warmer. i think the most difficult thing is being vegan in a country that lives for flesh. i've been pretty limited to fruits and vegies from the market. i did find some tofu the other day and was thrilled. :)
i really will try to write more! just getting settled in and in a routine. :)