February 13th, 2007

make levees

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some quick learns....

Czechs love their dogs...everyone has one and they are welcome everywhere, but they don’t curb them.....
no one knows where anything is. you can show someone your map with a big X on it and he will point you in an entirely different direction from the last person. this includes the police!
public transportation rocks!
neither OJ nor soy milk comes refrigerated

i returned to my room last night to find fresh sheets, a towel and a roll of toilet paper on the bed. i suppose that was my welcome basket. :) missing was my little plastic cup that i had converted into an ashtray for the few times (i am cutting down) that i poke my head out the door into the cold air to give my lungs a whack. today, however, i return to find a big, chunky glass ashtray sitting on my desk. someone likes me....or wants to help me kill myself, which ever the case may be.
i met a young couple from new orleans today at orientation. they packed it all up and are not only taking classes here, but plan to move here as well. can’t say i blame them. everyone is leaving new orleans, though this is a bit far!
tomorrow is another day of orientation during which i should receive my student ID, library card and actually register for classes. yippeee.