February 12th, 2007

life is good yoga

catch up

arrived in prague friday evening and settled in to my new dorm room.... makes me feel young to live in a dorm! hehe
it is quite cold! the room is small but i like it very much, feeling rather lucky to have a room to myself. internet is on and i even got the IT guy to open a previously blocked port to warcraft!
i found a small grocery about 3 blocks up the street (and when i say “up”, i mean it!), right next to a second hand store! haven’t figured out the whole hot plate scenario yet so i have been living on grapes and fresh bread. i did buy a little coffee pot today, so i can’t ask for more!
yesterday i ventured to the city center. i can see the twin spires of one of the cathedrals from the balcony of my dorm room, so i just followed that general direction. i found the astronomical clock just as it was chiming. awesome! i didn’t bring the camera, but will next time. i do have some pics to post from the balcony of my room. yep, i have a balcony too...sweet :)
found the department store today and picked up a few little survival things, like a can opener, skillet, bowl, etc :) ain’t the simple life grand?

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more to come!