December 11th, 2006

don't fear death

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i hate the time between finals and grades being posted. i log in, look, refresh, refresh, refresh. on a happy note, the class i completely expected a B in, was posted this morning - A. it was the class i liked least, population issues. i had to be right on the cusp. i went into the final with a 93. i think it wasn't so much the class i disliked as the method of assessment. there were four tests, each with about 10 essay questions worth 10 points each. and he was picky about the answers, no losing the answer in a jungle of words. you had to write exactly what he wanted. tough...miss more than three and no A. i know i have an A in gender issues. now i am waiting out research methods and an elective anthropology. the anthro i have an 89.79. he better bump it up. methods...not sure. A on all my research, A on mid-term, so i can hope. i missed a week being in alaska and a few other days here and there so that made it more difficult.
so next semester will be interesting.
i am taking:
Focus on Roma, about the prejudice and discrimination against the Roma, Gypsies, and Travellers.
Language and International Politics - discourse analysis as an approach to the study of international politics, focusing on metaphors. (sounds so cool)
Political Systems of the Czech Republic and Slovakia from 1918 to Present (i think the process from communism to democracy makes for good social study)
and Czech language and International Politics Theory.

The semester abroad is moving my graduation up one more semester because I need another soc class I can't take there. with that, if i finish my thesis in the fall, i am done. (my mom says, "again?") and i will have to pick a new Master's program and do it all again. :) i make such a good professional student.

so i went back to playing World of Warcraft last night after a three month break. i guess i will be doing a lot of that again until i leave!
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