December 4th, 2006

don't fear death


the antichrist is coming. convert or kill?

Conduct physical & spiritual warfare - NYC, think holocaust. spiritual warfare? ain't that just like the fundamentalists?

and you have to love their image for the "peacekeepers":

ah, perhaps they are taking lessons from the US military....

"Gamers (typically males from age 13-34) are going to love the deep strategic gameplay. " sexist. oh, but wait, their women are at home having babies, cooking dinner, cleaning the house and holding bible study. no time to play, i guess.

"The storyline in the game begins just after the Rapture has occurred – when all adult Christians, all infants, and many children were instantly swept home to Heaven and off the Earth by God. The remaining population – those who were left behind – are then poised to make a decision at some point. They cannot remain neutral. Their choice is to either join the AntiChrist – which is an imposturous one world government seeking peace for all of mankind, or they may join the Tribulation Force – which seeks to expose the truth and defend themselves against the forces of the AntiChrist."
many children? why were some left behind? how cruel.
i know which side i am on ...

"Does the violence depicted in the game run contrary to Jesus’ message on “love your enemy”?
Absolutely not. Christians are quite clearly taught to turn the other cheek and to love their enemies. It is equally true that no one should forfeit their lives to an aggressor who is bent on inflicting death.
ah-ha....unless that is aggressor is christian!!! then submit!

i had to order is online too and i sense a great sociological study.
don't fear death

sweet (x-post)

BBC News
Alix Kroeger
It has been a busy few weeks for Marianne Thieme. Ten days ago, she made history as one of two animal-rights candidates to win election to the Dutch parliament.

They are the first animal-rights MPs anywhere in the world.

On Thursday 30 November, she and her fellow MP, Esther Ouwehand, were sworn in as MPs. Now their real work begins: to persuade the next government (which has yet to be formed) to adopt animal-friendly policies.

Thieme was quoted as saying,"I miss compassion in our society. When I look at animals, they are innocent. We are treating them like they are things, like they are bicycles. That's not what we have to be as human beings. We have common sense and moral awareness, so we have to use that as well."

In its manifesto the Party for the Animals (PvdD) says protection for animals should not be defined by the market.

It wants to abolish the biotechnology industry and promote organic agriculture instead. It calls for an end to industrial farming practices such as castration and tougher penalties for those who abuse animals, as well as an end to ritual slaughter without anaesthesia.

The story says that Ms Thieme, 34, a lawyer by training, was one of the founders of the Party for the Animals in November 2002. The party only narrowly missed winning a parliamentary seat in January 2003. Now it has made the breakthrough.

The Netherlands, famously liberal, has turned to the right in recent years on questions of immigration and integration. But the PvdD's success shows that in other areas it is upholding its reputation as one of the most progressive countries in Europe.
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