December 2nd, 2006

don't fear death

good stuff

good news today :)

i finally found a copy of From Barbie to Mortal Combat in paperback and at a good price! this is a big deal because (for those of you who don't know) i am doing my thesis on women and gaming and i really wanted a couple of books that i often refer to for my trip, but needed them in paperback.

in Czech the dorm is included in my home tuition, but they are very small rooms and doubles. i had been researching alternative places to live, keeping within my goal of not paying to sleep. i just didn't look forward to staying in the dorms, sharing a room with what would very likely be a young student thrilled to be in the beer capital of the world. i emailed the director a couple of times asking if there might be a chance that a single dorm would pop up since i know many students hate the dorms (i was assigned to the worst one on campus) and find flats to share. lucky me and awesome him. he pulled some strings and i have a private room! i can live with that!

my sister's trial is set for september 10, so i know now that they won't be trying to subpoena me in prague in the middle of my semester. what is really odd, however, is her co-defendent fired his private lawyer for a public defender and is taking no part in the process at all. he has not even requested a bail hearing and refused to get on the prison bus to attend the pre-trial conference. the prosecutor's office said if he doesn't waive his right to a speedy trial he may be tried separately in january. i almost wish this would happen. i think they expected him to turn on my sister, but he hasn't. if he is tried and found guilty and says nothing about her, i can't imagine them finding her guilty. everything they have is so very circumstantial. on the other hand, with so much publicity in alaska how can she get a fair trial there? several prominent defense attorneys have spoken out that it is a joke that they indicted and charged her and that they can't fathom a conviction. she also has not one, but two very good attorneys.
well, at least she is home, despite the difficult circumstances of her release.