November 29th, 2006

kiss my ass


anonymous posts now and then are no big deal, but if someone is going to follow your journal a long time, he should take the time to make an account at LJ (hell, its free!) and give you a sense of who he is and see how it works.
this anonymous poster has just really pissed me off.
i mentioned in an earlier post to him that i had a friend's only entry he may have missed....he assumed that meant i had two LJ's.....
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word of the day

i have a cold...ugh. i don't get sick very often at all. my son's friend who is staying with us got a cold, then he got it and...well, you know how those bugs travel. i need to go to the store for OJ but feel too lazy.
fever is a good thing. i don't know why people think it isn't and take stuff to make it go away. we always fight our bodies. when you are sick your body naturally increases its temperature to fight infection. bacteria don't like high temperatures, so your hypothalamus raises the temp to knock them out. and what do we do? immediately take something to make the fever go away. i think that doesn't make any sense at all.... (well, unless fever is really high...and it isn't for a cold - generally)
one more day of class tomorrow, one more paper to write and then finals. not that i'll really have a break from school...i will still be plugging away on my thesis.

cute little distraction

pencel or pensil (PEN-suhl) noun

A small flag at the end of a lance.

[From Old French penoncel, diminutive of penon (pennon), from
Latin penna (feather). Ultimately from the Indo-European root
pet- (to rush, fly) that is also the root of feather, pin,
pinnacle, impetus, symptom, appetite, and petition.]

-Anu Garg (garg

"Embroidered and painted pennants and pencels were brought out."
Frances May Hendry; Quest for a Maid; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 1992.