November 20th, 2006

monkey meditate

i know....i know...i know

i had coffee this morning with an old friend. i truly love him, but he drives me crazy! he is one of those pretentious know-it-alls, which, if you have read my journal any length of time, you know is one of my bigest pet peeves. people who really know a lot impress me, but people who fake it....well, sometimes i just want to put my hands around their throats and shake them until that gene falls out. he, like me, was an english major with an interest in sociology, and we were discussing my favorite - Marx, and my least favortie - monogamy. sometimes, when people act this way, i have a habit of making something up just to watch the response. i consider myself a very good judge of people when they lie. i think i got this ability from my great-grandmother...she always knew! so the fatal flaw went something like this:
me: well, ya know, Marx believed if we abolished private property ownership, we would no longer have a motive for monogamy.
him: yeah, i have read that...insert sociological technobabble here
me: he actually wrote a paper, that was later discovered, with Gustav Fröhlich explaining his theory about private property being passed along to heirs as the reason for monogamy because legitimacy would no longer be an issue ..... ....except that women would be exploited by being forced into marriage for financial reason as it would be difficult for them to find housing.... blah blah blah.... have you ever read it?
him: yes.....and something along the lines of him having a copy of it in his collection and some elaboration on exploitation of women without housing.

it is really just the opposite...what Marx said was that women would enter the labor force equally with men and would no longer be forced into marriage for economical reasons.................

and for kicks, Google Gustav Fröhlich ;-)

was i cruel?

explain to me, please, why "I don't know" is so hard to say? it also makes me wonder how much of what he said in previous conversations, that i didn't know, was accurate.

i love intellectual conversations, except when they are a force of power..."i know more than you know" kind of thing. if we open our minds, learn to listen and accept what we don't know, we have so much more to learn!

i've gone on and on here before about my nonsupport of monogamy and i can't even remember why it became a subject of conversation....

meanwhile, my new video iPod arrived today and i've passed my old one on to someone who was iPod-less... such a good deed. can you imagine life without an iPod? ;) my five must haves are an iPod, toothbrush, water, caffiene and my passport! to get my music and videos on to this baby :)