November 18th, 2006

don't fear death


Horrorfest started this weekend. anyone going? (its nationwide)
i want to see all of the movies, but i know if i do, i won't study at all. i think there is supposed an encore next weekend, so maybe if the ones i miss are the most popular i will get a second chance.
i definitely want to see Penny Dreadful today and maybe Wicked Little Things and The Hamiltons tomorrow. i kinda want to see Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror too.....hip hop horror has to be interesting! i absolutely loved Carmen in hip hop. i have always thought someone should hip hop shakespeare, not just the play, but the sonnets, as a series. and chaucer - it is lewd enough in itself.


P.S. Nice to meet you in SL Mr. Anonymous Poster. i looked up "faith" in the sense in which i was using it....a better word is "confidence" :)
don't fear death

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so i opted for The Abandoned (trailer) and Penny Dreadful (trailer)....both were good. i do have a soft spot for indie, especially horrors that have a B budget but without the B look. The Abandoned had me squinching my eyes closed more than once. i won't spoil it for anyone that may go (the fest lasts til tuesday!), but it is very original and very Cerda. Penny Dreadful was definitely a psychological thriller, but had its predictable moments. Sanity did a video for it that i really can watch it here.
neither were one of those "keep the lights on and walk me to the bathroom please" kind of movies, like Milo and When Darkness Falls did to me. i have such a love hate relationship with horror!

it was tempting not to make a longer night of it and catch Saw III also!

tomorrow will be Wicked Little Things and The Hamiltons.

i love movie pocorn.
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