November 12th, 2006

don't fear death


So....i keep trying to remember to post here now and then, but i forget to remember.
my sister's pre-trial conference is this week and i am really hoping it will be tossed out for lack of evidence. the press has been particularly cruel.
i am leaving in january to study in prague for the spring semester. i'll fly to istanbul and have a month to get to prague when school starts in mid february. have i mentioned that i love trains? i bought a balkan flexpass on eurorail. at the moment i plan turkey-greece via lesbos-macedonia-bulgaria-serbia/bosnia-romania-austria-prague. course that could change at any thing i have learned about travel is to never make plans!

i'll be studying the romas (gypsies) and the political systems of czech and slovakia. my mom is going to fly out when the semester ends so we can take a road trip through england, scotland, ireland and wales. i look forward to traveling with her very much. i am thinking of staying over in london for an additional three months if i can get an internship at the foundation for buddhist thought (and get it approved!). so...that is the future.
now...i am just studying and struggling with a population demographics class i don't like. definitely learned population studies ain't my thing. i am also struggling with getting around to sanding and painting the boat - something i must do before i leave.
discovered Second Life a couple of weeks ago. interesting :) i am maia breck over there - if you are there, say hello! i am not on a lot, but since i have been doing a study on gender, identiy and virtual worlds i have an excuse for when i am flitting around in my second life!