December 29th, 2005

don't fear death

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i simply loved Amelie. it has found itself at the top of my absolute favorite movies list. i fell in love with audrey tatou. she is so adorable.
i am making a point now to see all of her movies. i also rented Happenstance, or Le Battement d’ailes du Papillon in french.... the Beating Wings of the Butterfly. i’ve always liked the butterfly effect applied to our own actions....
anyway, see Amelie!
don't fear death

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another snag.....mysticknyght

1) What are you drinking right now?
blue mountain vanilla cherry

2) Where were you on 28 August, 2005?
at home on my boat.....tying lines...securing the best i could

3) And then where did you go?
to work, a community center in New Orleans east

4) Did you come home?
home was gone ;)

5) If so, when? If not, where do you live now?
on another boat out at West End

6) What do you miss most about ‘old’ New Orleans?
the Farmer’s Market, not just on Tuesday

7) What notable meals have you had lately?
i had dinner Christmas Eve with hummingbird1949. it was special!

8) In a word, what’s the worst thing that’s happened to you since August?
l would say losing everything, but that actually gave me a fresh start..... i do miss my little miata though, so maybe losing that

9) Now, inspire us with something lovely that’s happened.
a couple in Michigan donated their motor yacht to me and had a fundraiser to ship it to Mobile. the brokerage where it had been for sale left warm blankets, caps and sweatshirts for me along with a box of edible goodies.

10) Who is your favorite bartender?
me :)

11) Where can we find you at 1am on Saturday night?
probably sleeping, ain’t i a bore?

12) A word on G.W. Bush.

13) A word on Ray Nagin.

14) What have we learned?
what evacuate really means ;)

15) Where do you see yourself in 12 months?
who knows, that is post hurricane season 2006!
don't fear death

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my new zip code today:

Sewer: Sewer system is operational.

Water: potable.

Elect: Service available to 73% of customers.

Gas: Service available to 35% of customers.

Debris: 4.8 M cubic yards collected to date.

Transportation: Roads Inspected 90%; Signals Operational 0%; Temporary Stop Signs 100%;. No bus service; no gas stations open.

Fire: operational

911: New system operational

Isn’t that so much better than my old one!?