December 27th, 2005

don't fear death

First Lines of '05

snagged from intelligentrix
soon i will stop snagging and post something..... maybe i should make a new year resolution to stop going against resolutions and post more?
i thought i would twist this a little and compare years since i have been livejournaling....

2005 - no posts...seems my muse was on extended holiday for the last 6 months of 04 and first 6 months of 05....
2004 - back from holiday....will post pictures soon.... i fell in love with morocco
2003 - 1. Do you wear any jewelry? What kind? a silver necklace with a bast charm on it.
2002 - doesn’t matter what time zone you are in or how perfect life can be going

2005 - no posts
2004 - You’re just the happy go-lucky type.
2003 - i complained about not having macros for livejournal.
2002 - no posts

2005 - no posts
2004 - i’ve been home for three days now with scarlet fever (didn’t know it still existed)
2003 - You’re a wild child.
2002 - Of all the things I miss about being owned, there is one that I miss not most, but most often.

2005 - no posts
2004 - Our Democracy Abroad
2003 - Who is your favorite celebrity? audrey hepburn
2002 - life is so incredibly random.... there is some force working to always keep us dancing and kicking on our toes, shadowboxing.

2005 - no posts
2004 - The images of abuse in a U.S. run Iraqi prison couldn’t be more disturbing.
2003 - summer is here and the air conditioner is kicked on now.
2002 - (those of you looking here for kinky, sexual escapades move along please..

2005 - no posts
2004 - i have so neglected my journal these days.
2003 - i must be the most self-destructive person in the world
2002 - no worries....stop emailing....!

2005 - over a long as i have kept my journal, i haven’t gone that long without a post.
2004 - i guess we do what we can to remember things ;)
2003 - totally awesome..... go sugata!
2002 - this morning i read an article that triggered a reaction i did not expect when i began to read it.

2005 - OK, i am off to spend the next four days with about 30 highly energetic, troublesome, but lovable teens
2004 - no posts, thus begins the holiday of the muse
2003 - no, i didn’t miss the last one...i just didn’t feel like answering it.
2002 - Here’s Stephen Berg’s translation of a verse by Japanese poet Ikkyu Sojun (1394-1481):

2005 - we were rescued yesterday by the national guard. (funny, i would have thought...if i ever uttered these words, it would be from some third world country at war - not new orleans!)

2004 - no posts
2003 - A Queer Girl’s Top 10 Gay Myths
2002 - i suppose one can expect mood swings while grieving

2005 - i went back to the city yesterday, for the second time since being rescued.
2004 - no posts
2003 - whew.....homework was a bit more challenging this week
2002 - The Persian is a relaxed observer.

2005 - i am home...... here is my zip code update as of today:
2004 - no posts
2003 - playing around (again) with LJ’s S2 styles for thanksgiving :)
2002 - Were you raised in a particular religious faith? yep, roman catholic. sadistic nuns, patent leather shoes and all.
2001 - sometimes life has a way twisting itself without a move on your part.

2005 - i think i am going to move out by west end this weekend.
2004 - no posts
2003 - You are a beautiful person, in a wistful kind of way.
2002 - so i haven’t done a great job keeping up with this blog
2001 - told ya’ll i wasn’t very good at these journal things!

and for 2006...............

Your New Year’s Resolutions

1) Get a pet snake

2) Eat less brussel sprouts

3) Travel to India

4) Study artificial intelligence

5) Get in shape with whitewater rafting