December 2nd, 2005

don't fear death

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it is hard to move from my little hole here. i like where i am. a big tug came in tonight and i watched him nearly run aground just as i was picking up the radio to ask him where he was heading. strange to have company out here tonight.
besides the ducks are back. it started with just a couple but once i started feeding i have about 20 and a few coots. whoever coined the phrase “eat like a bird” was nuts. the catfish are even surfacing to suck down some food. i imagine the bottom is awful right now.
the EPA told us, a couple of weeks ago, that the water in the lake was “not suitable for intentional or accidental contact with humans”.... i hear it has gotten “better.” hell, i don’t think it was suitable for human contact pre-katrina.
i heard they may ease up on the curfew for mardi gras :)