October 1st, 2005

don't fear death

back in

i went back to the city yesterday, for the second time since being rescued. i almost didn’t make it in. there was a fire on the Hwy 11 bridge and it was after curfew before i got across. a FEMA guy was in front of me on the bridge... we were all out of cars talking to each other while we were stuck on the bridge. he followed me in to the community center in case i had problems getting in. he was awesome. he helped me load up some stuff from the center. i was worried that, when residents are allowed back on wednesday, my center would be looted to hell since the door was busted open. i left the window open when we were rescued just so they wouldn’t break the door down... oh well, didn’t work. he also followed me downtown to meet a friend. i spent the day at southshore harbor and west end, still searching for my boat. i went to the marinas in mandeville and one of the salvage yards in mandeville where they are piling up boats pulled from the lake. i just can’t understand where my boat went.... but, at least there are a few salvage companies keeping an eye out for it.... and one that is determined and totally perplexed.
there were hungry cats at the center... i am glad i brought cat food with me this time.
kinda like my explorer sport...red, of course. it is a lot different than driving my little miata. i miss my miata.
i called Mac day before yesterday just to see if they would replace the new OS i had just ordered and lost. they are sending a replacement CD. that was nice.
i am bordering on broke... student loans are all tied up with closed universities. scary feeling....
i am staying at my mother’s near pascagoula. she had 5 1/2 feet of water in her house. there is lots of work to do here. it feels good to be home with her after both of us worrying about the other for so long.
i am tired of looking at devastation and destruction. very tired.