July 17th, 2005

don't fear death

long time....

over a year....as long as i have kept my journal, i haven't gone that long without a post. yet, there hasn't been much to post at all. school, work, home, school, work, home. in a way, i miss posting but my life has been rather trivial and, really, boring. i am going to try and come back here. i've even let my website go because i had trouble moving it through netsol since i registered it before they offered domain owner privacy and didn't use my real name (naturally) in their whois. so i moved it over to a new domain maiamuse, and am slowly relocating everything.
so, for those of you that still have me lingering on your friends list, i'll try to give you something worth reading more often. :)
peace and smiles...
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    Dear Heather (Dear Heather) by Leonard Cohen
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