January 20th, 2004

don't fear death

Happy MLK Day

A few months ago i wrote about having an awful staff member and firing her. now i couldn't have better hands in the center. they pulled together an awesome MLK day event. we were supposed to be closed, but since MLK day is intended to be a day of service not one person had a problem not only volunteering time but bringing in kids, husbands and/or boyfriends to help too. it turned out wonderful and got a bit of coverage from the picayune, channel 6 news and 26 news. i feel lucky to have found a handful of people to bring more passion into the center. it was a good weekend. long, but good.

meanwhile, i have almost forgotten about LJ and need to remember to post more often, but as usual my life is all about work without much interesting to post. i am going to work on that some this year......
(do i say that every year?)

When will we stop? Four children were among 11 people killed when a US air strike targeted an Afghan village in southern Oruzgan province, local officials say.