November 16th, 2003

don't fear death

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ok, i am getting attached to my little mac now. its been running for days with a few hours of sleep in between and no lock ups. aol crashes now and then, but aol sucks (i use it because i have a year free). i am finding all kinds of cool keyboard short cuts, so i am a happy mac-er. i like iJournal for posting and JournalAlert for telling me when ya’ll post. it is better than semagic’s alert because it tells me who posted and the topic. i’ve joined livejournal’s mac groups and am learning cool things there. i can live with this. though i would be even happier if i didn’t have to go out and buy macromedia mx for the mac since i already have the pc version. and i swear the wireless airport extreme on dialup is faster than when my modem was connected straight to the laptop! i also need to grab a cable to hook it to the big TV at work for presentations. but, overall, i’m quite content!