November 9th, 2003

don't fear death

i'm a convert

i've gone out and bought a Mac..... this is certainly different. i miss my right-click option, especially when i am viewing a webpage and want to right click the link to open in a new window. i lost semagic too, for livejournal updating. i'm using xjournal and i just may like it better. i lost a couple of word games along the way and will be discovering soon what else isn't compatible. i don't know why i made the switch.....eager for something different, i guess. i get bored with the same old thing ;)
good weekend....went to the annual gridiron politician's roast last night and then popped in at the noble party for a bit (and a nice little end to my evening, leaving me grinning).
i've not been posting much lately, but i hate to make those drab ol i did this, i did that posts and there hasn't been much exciting in my life. i am looking forward to vacation!
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