October 26th, 2003

don't fear death

come sail away

wow....i am so utterly relaxed and calm. i've had a weekend off before, but i usually spend it working from home or working around the boat. nothing has ever refreshed me as much as three days on the water!
we had planned to leave around 10 friday morning, but after a mishap with getting the dinghy on board and a small hole and a patch kit, didn't leave until near 11. we made good time though, about 6 knots by sail alone, even though we had to wait a bit (as usual) for the causeway draw bridge to let us through. lots of boats were there by the time we arrived to the wooden boat festival and many from my marina. i took a few pictures and will post them tomorrow. we met up with about 5 other people from the club here and hung out all weekend, drinking, relaxing, playing cards, eating, walking the festival and taking the dinghy up and down the river. totally awesome weekend. there was quite the yacht next to us and they invited us over for drinks. i am sure now that i would never spend that much money on something that didn't have masts and sails. i like to be part of the reason the boat moves through the water. i like to know i've rigged the sails to play with the wind. and i like the silence of a sailboat as opposed to an engine.
had a great time with W and am able to laugh now about how little i liked him a few months ago.
i was thinking at some point this morning, sitting on the bow of the boat with the wind against my face, what a lucky girl i am. i have a job i like, good friends, live on a houseboat, have a sailboat, get to go sailing whenever i want, have a good kid (ok, young adult), a car that runs, people who love me, my health and a lot of happiness. i've recovered well from from the Chris tragedy and am on the roll of loving life again. it feels good. damn good.
tonight is boat maintenace on the houseboat. i'm filling the holding tanks and the engines are running. the lights are all on and the horn works. i can't quite get the radio in clear. the last bad storm broke my antenna. i need a new one. i still need a few things for the sailboat and will have to head over to west marine sometime soon. W gave me a new battery, great marine binoculars and a GPS that was already programmed all the way to pensacola and everywhere in between. i need to make a list of the rest. i know i need flares, an air horn, a radio, gloves, a winch handle, new sheets for the jib, an orange flag, a black flag, a good marine flashlight, a good knife, a float cushion and charts. time to ebay :)
and i've picked the name for the sailboat......