October 22nd, 2003

don't fear death

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it was a good weekend! beautiful! spent some time out on the water and could not have asked for better wind and weather. the yacht club arranged to take a group of kids from a foster housing program out sailing sunday. they had so much fun. many of these kids would never have the opportunity to be on a boat in their lives. W and i took 5 kids out on his boat and they all took turns playing captain. there were five boats that went out with kids. we went back to the club and had gumbo and hot dogs (well, i didn't have a hot dog of course, gross!) i think i may do the same with my kids at the center....those that raise their grades the most.
had a very restful saturday night....hung out at the club with W and the kids (my son and his girlfriend) for a bit, went to the casino to lose a bit, played cards and went to sleep rather early.
short week this week....i am taking friday off so that W and i can leave a day early for the wooden boat festival. it will be a nice, relaxing weekend on the water where no one wants anything at all from me for three days ;)