October 13th, 2003

don't fear death

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thien seems to be doing a little better this morning. he is still more calm than usual. his blood work was off and he shows signs of being anemic. his vet is awesome and has been calling to check on him. i had him shave parts of fur that still had diesel on it. i wished i'd had the thought to take him to the emergency clinic as soon as this happened and get him completely shaved. i miss my manic demon kitty....
don't fear death

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You are Form 1, Goddess: The Creator.

"And The Goddess planted the acorn of life.
She cried a single tear and shed a single drop
of blood upon the earth where she buried it.
From her blood and tear, the acorn grew into
the world."

Some examples of the Goddess Form are Gaia (Greek),
Jehova (Christian), and Brahma (Indian).
The Goddess is associated with the concept of
creation, the number 1, and the element of
Her sign is the dawn sun.

As a member of Form 1, you are a charismatic
individual and people are drawn to you.
Although sometimes you may seem emotionally
distant, you are deeply in tune with other
people's feelings and have tremendous empathy.
Sometimes you have a tendency to neglect your
own self. Goddesses are the best friends to
have because they're always willing to help.

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