October 8th, 2003

don't fear death

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thien used to never leave the finger pier when he wandered around at night. he has fallen overboard a few times, but that was long ago. i thought he had the mastery of being a marina cat down pat.
he wanders in around 1 this morning. he is half wet, as if he fell half way in but managed to catch himself before falling all the way in.
something looks a little different about the way he is moving when he is wet. there is a strange, almost pleading look in his eyes. his meow is a little broken. my son and his girlfriend are teasing him about falling overboard.
"that is not water," i say as an oddly familiar smell begins to fill the boat.
it is diesel. somehow my cat has managed to cover the back half of his furry little body in diesel. how or from where it came, i haven't the slightest clue. but two baths and a shower later and he still looks halfway slick and sticky, pissed and upset. the boat still reeks of diesel. this is not fun. there is no water. i think they are doing some work on the promenade and have turned the water off and i haven't recently filled the hold. and i have a press conference with the mayor and other community groups in one hour.
how do you clean up diesel?? and where could he have gotten into it?