October 7th, 2003

don't fear death

fade to black...

Unfinished business in Afghanistan

things and people fade.
this morning i was thinking about john walker lindh, most likely this moment in one of his 23 hours of solitary confinement each day. he was a man following his beliefs who enraged all of america before they took a moment to understand him. the american media spent time protraying him as an ememy of all the people. we shook our heads, clicked our tongues and wondered how one of our very own could turn against us. we listened to his father attempt to convince us that he was brainwashed. we watched his mother, in tears, tell us that he didn't have the "street smarts" to be a fighter. we summoned little, if any compassion and understanding. we wanted blood. we couldn't find bin laden, but we found the next best thing in the face of a young man searching for meaning in his life. all we could see was one of our own turned against us. but how many americans actually read the indictment? how many americans grouped lindh as an "evil doer" don't know, even today, why lindh was where he was?
of all my political opinions, this was one in which i stood completely alone. not a person i knew held any compassion or sympathy for this kid. no one sided with me when i explained that lindh was not fighting the americans, he was fighting the northern alliance. in fact, he refused to go to the front lines against america and isreal. he was there long before 9/11. when america attacked the taliban (not the other way around), he couldn't simply pack his bags and go home.

why didn't the americans who fought against serb forces land in prison? why is jane fonda free today? have we become so paraniod that we forget?

everything fades. what are we doing now in afghanistan? we said we'd learned our lesson and would not leave the country tattered and torn yet again. we had a target, a man our commander in thief laid blame upon for all the terrorism in the world. when he could not be found, we chose another target to take attention off our failure. and now, we are about to do it again.

we are so focused on getting the bad men that do bad things to americans. we are shocked and stunned to listen to the media tell us that one of those bad men is one of our own. yet, it never crosses our pure american minds that we are the bad men doing the bad things to ourselves.

i think today i will send Mr. Lindh a card.

don't fear death

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so i emailed september and told him i had plans for saturday night and wouldn't be able to see him. that is all i said. i didn't suggest another time. this is what he replied:

Dear unsinkable Ms. Maia -

Perhaps we can hook up another time or at least next Saturday Oct.18.

think he got the hint?