September 29th, 2003

don't fear death

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and so comes autumn....
there is something about autumn that softens me. as if something tight inside me loosens and slows down. it makes me long to be outside.
for most, winter is a time to hibernate; for me, it is summer. i hate the heat. i rush to get from place to place so that i am out in the heat as little as possible. i have to keep my windows closed and the ac full blast. this morning, the ac is off and the windows are open. i love open windows, especially when the morning sun is spilling in. even in winter i want my windows open and will wrap myself tightly in a blanket to stay warm just to keep the windows open.
the wind is whispering gently through the masts and my boat, like a caring mother, is rocking me in her arms. the sounds of the wind against the water and through masts is like a water symphony. i love it. i wouldn't want to live anywhere but on the water or at least very near it.
we don't have much of a change of season here and i've always told myself i would slip away for a weekend once to the east coast to see autumn paint her arrival. boston must be lovely in fall? maybe next year....
i like fall and winter wardrobe too and am waiting patiently to put away my summer threads and pull out cooler weather ones. :)

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don't fear death

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SCORPIO ( aka- black widow )
very deep, very very deeeeeep
highly intelligent, very sophisticated
and very fucking high strung
-you also have problems with men that react to you
" to love a scorpio is to comit a planned suicide "

i found this in my mailbox. i am not quite sure how to react to it. i wonder if the person knows just how true it is......
he answered my personal ad.
he said he read all my website, so he had to know....
it was strange. i responded. i think i wasn't very friendly.
i wonder why.

people should take care with their words.