September 28th, 2003

don't fear death

Friday Five (from the archives)

1. What is the most romantic thing someone can do for you?
i'm a simple girl. send me flowers. lots and lots of flowers.

2. What perfume/cologne do you wear?
i'm a walking oxymoron. vanilla. it is L'Aromarine Eau de Toilette Vanille. the only place in the city i can find it is House of Lounge. add it to the flowers above and you are really catching points ;)

3. What is your idea of a romantic date?
still, i am simple. candlelit dinner somewhere quiet and dark....a performance, good theater or the opera....a moonlit walk along the river.... or an evening sail with red wine and a picnic basket

4. What is the most romantic gift anyone has given you?
hmmm....i was dating someone once who grew loofahs (yes, those things actually grow on a vine....i always thought they came from the ocean). for my birthday he gave me a basket full of loofahs that had been dyed different colors. i love loofahs, so it was really sweet. it was only later that i discovered the little canals in the loofahs were filled with tiny notes and hundred dollar bills. i was on a tight budget that year and was leaving for a vacation in mexico. one of the notes instructed me to spend all the loofah money on myself in mexico. :)

5. What is the most romantic gift you have given someone?
when a previous boyfriend and i would have disagreements it would upset him very much. i used to tell him relationships could not only be "roses and daisies", but that they have hard times too. once, when we met each other in vegas, i met him at the airport with a gift bag full of daisies and roses, books of poetry and a couple of bottles of wine.