September 17th, 2003

don't fear death

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I scored a 91% on the "How New Orleans are You?" Quizie! What about you?</b>

what is a parran?

only they left out.....

you ax someone something, not ask
you know a hickey is not a red mark on your neck
you make goceries
you've learned to swallow the king cake baby without choking
you put alligator pears in your salad
don&#39;t fear death


i am determined to take a vacation this year. i haven't had a vacation since 1997. my out of the country ventures don't count. they were working vacations. i've always taken working vacations. i will set myself up for a couple of weeks working in a refugee camp, in an orphanage, teaching, etc.... this year, i want to be selfish.
where shall i go?
what shall i do?

i can't leave the center except perhaps during the xmas holidays when i can probably cancel all classes....maybe from december 18 - january 2.

don&#39;t fear death

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i am kidding myself. i was thinking about that vacation more on the way home. there is no way i could spend 2 weeks doing nothing by myself. i would go nuts.
i realized this while talking with my son. he told me that i could go to jamaica. i've wanted to and haven't been. i responded, without thinking, that i would love to....that i could call the bob marley school and work there for a couple of weeks. i responded this way with every place he suggested...some organization or other with which i could "work" while i "vacation" there. he let me go on before he pointed out to me that i was incapable of taking what "normal" people call a vacation.
i spend my weekends volunteering somewhere. i took thursday and friday this week off work to work at the AIDS conference. my volunteer time is vacation.

it turns out afterall that i cannot go to the conference tomorrow because the woman i have been trying to fire is sick. i am supposed to work the LifeBeat table from 2:30 to 6:00. anyone want to take my place? it will be fun. it is a cool organization.