September 15th, 2003

don't fear death

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i'm the queen of safe sex. those of you that know me well, know i spend nearly every other weekend passing out condoms in the quarter. i talk about safe sex. i write about safe sex. i practice safe sex.
if you've been reading a while, you also know i've been celibate for a long time.
well, i finally break that celibacy and the fucking condom breaks......
what luck.
don't fear death

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Date number two with Mr. September.....
how many of you lost wagers on that one?
don't put your wallets away just yet ;)

more on the date later...maybe

but, at some point in the evening it occurred to me that i don't spend much time talking with literate adults anymore. my days are spent with juvenile delinquents and hardly educated grown-ups. so are my evenings, actually.....
i wonder if i continue in this manner will i lose the ability to converse in multisyllabic words?