September 7th, 2003

don't fear death

mr. september

this one date a month thing just may have panned out well last night. for new eyes, in june i promised a friend of mine i would date at least once a month (begged it down from three times). in june, i was stood up for the first time ever. i was relieved. i counted it as a date. intent is what matters. july i had dinner with an old friend. august was a sailing date with W. though there was no romantic interest, technically they were dates. don't argue with the semantic princess. or so i thought until i was introduced to mr. webster's version of date: a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character. ut oh. still, "often" does not mean always. so, i was set.
a personal ad answeree suggested meeting for coffee. no, this is not one of the responses which i have posted here. those are for amusement and human oddity purposes only. it is early in september, a good time to get the september date thing over with, right? as always, i flip flopped between going most of the day and just about pulled out at the last minute. but, i went. several vanilla soy lattes and what turned out to be really good conversation with genuine smiles. when the traditional escape phone call arrived, i opted to stay. even when the coffee shop closed, we stood outside on the sidewalk talking for another couple of hours. not too bad for september. ;)
and he likes the semi-colon too. :)
don't fear death

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i have figured out how to raise money for street repairs.

all vehicles, when getting a license plate, will have a sensor placed, in a way that it cannot be removed, in the passenger side door. anytime a vehicle is passed on the right, when moving at speeds greater than 40 mph, the sensor will pick it up and the driver will be charged a fee.

i told my son this idea a few weeks ago. he laughed. but everytime i fly past someone in the right lane i say "cha ching" and tell him that could be another pothole on its way to repair. i think it would work.

slow drivers in the left lane are a big pet peeve.