August 30th, 2003

don't fear death

sodomy is a sin

it was my job last night to make sure all the sinners had condoms and sinned safely :) i did this amidst rev. grant storms and his minions. in fact, i purposely picked the corners, throughout the night, where his group of "thousands of christians nationwide" appeared to be about 200, half of which left after dark.
storms was hoping for violence and confrontation to draw more attention to his cause and make decadence participants look even worse than they are in his eyes. it was the last thing he got. he was welcomed with confetti, noise makers and silly string to "drown out his hate with laughter and music." i simply adored the couple who made a point of making out feverishly in front of the group as they spewed on about the torment of hell. and the straight couple who mooned the group as they passed by. i love my city.
and i love many half naked, gorgeous, totally unattainable men! i get a lot of hugs and a lot of thank you's when i do condom outreach. i particularly liked some of the hugs last night ;)
i took along with me stacks of flyers for the new orleans hate crimes project (why was no one manning their table?) to pass out in front of the protestors. i have to admit it was fun to stand directly in front of them, smile sweetly and say, "condoms?" to passing people. i got some ugly looks and head shakes. whatever.

if you pledged money for the rally to benefit NO/AIDS, CAN, MMC and The Hate Crimes Project through, let me know. we may not have received your pledge. it seems someone hacked into the aol account and not all the pledges arrived. gee, i wonder who that could have been?

let's teach hate while they are young!

tonight i will be at the block party by the phoenix and tomorrow the D-Dance! :)