August 25th, 2003

don't fear death

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As many of you know, Rev. Grant Storm has decided to protest Southern Decadence on Friday, August 29, starting at 7 PM. The rain date will be Saturday, August 30. The Christian Conservatives for Reform and its supporters are protesting not just the festival itself, but our basic human right to live in peace as LGBTQ individuals. Are you mad? Want to do something about this attack on our community? Here's something you can do that is non-violent, makes a statement, and supports the LGBTQ community in New Orleans. Pledge money every hour Rev. Storms protests and support the Hate Crimes Project, MCC, and NO/AIDS CAN! The Hate Crimes Project of New Orleans is an advocacy, support and referral service for victims of bias-motivated crimes, including a 24-hour hotline, community awareness programs, and the collection of hate crime data. MCC has been providing spiritual support to the LGBTQ community for 30 years. CAN partners with gay community organizations to become directly involved in designing and implementing ongoing HIV prevention activities. We are collecting pledges based on how long Storms & Co. will be protesting on the Friday of Decadence (or the rain date). We think the protest will last about 2-3 hours, but we're not exactly sure. Therefore, you have the option to indicate a maximum cap on your pledge. For example, you can pledge $5 for each hour that they protest. If they protest for 2 hours, then a total pledge of $10 goes to the Hate Crimes Project, MCC, and CAN! It's really that simple! All you have to do is email with your name and pledge amount per hour. After the protest, we will email you with how long the protest lasted, the amount of your pledge, and the mailing address where you can send your donation. Remember, all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law! Please forward this on to all of your friends and supporters of the LGBTQ community and see just how much Rev. Storms can help the LGBTQ community in New Orleans!