August 12th, 2003

don't fear death

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sturgeon moon last night....a bit cloudy here but i could catch some between the drifts.

started my yoga routine again this morning. i haven't done yoga since before chris died. i am truly starting to feel like my old self again. it is good.

had a phone call from an old flicker a couple of days ago. i say flicker because we saw each other for a few months before i moved away and didn't keep in touch. it was a nice conversation. we spent some time filling each other in on the last two years of our lives and discovered that we have some strange karmic connection. a woman he was seeing for a while did the same thing chris did.....what are the odds? he is still in therapy and we are carrying matching luggage. i look forward to seeing him again.

it is such a good thing that americans have freedom to travel when and where they choose, isn't it? i guess i would be facing a fine had i gone? no matter, my team never made it out of jordon or kuwait.