July 29th, 2003

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i think i am a mean boss. i am quite intolerant of tardiness and not coming in without advance notice. my morning teacher just called.
"My car won't start."
i wanted to say "What do you want me to do about it?" guess i am cranky today.
instead i said "How do you plan to get to work?" we have summer campers who show up at 8:30. it is now 8:10.
she said "Call someone to give me a ride or come look at it."
me, thinking there is not time at all for that. i remember there is a camper who lives close to her. a camper who walks to camp.
"Can't you walk? Or at least catch the bus?"
long silence and then she tells me she will get there as soon as she can.
on the other hand i am very flexible with time off, as long as i have been given enough notice to cover the off time. another of my staff members is way over her vacation days, comes in late often and leaves early. of course, she is the one i want to fire once i have all my eeoc ducks in a row.
i guess my gripe this morning is: why do people think a car not starting is a valid reason for being late? i mean i can accept a few minutes late if you don't have a group of summer campers and their parents who will be waiting outside the gate for you.
the problem is too, i think, that i have a staff that works because they have to, not because they are passionate about what they do. i need to change this.
meanwhile, she just called and made it in on time.
and, on the other hand, am i too passionate? my boss had a talk with me yesterday, for the second time, about working too much. these conversations always start with "You have to stop." i always look at him like i have no clue what he is talking about. "Stop what?" i innocently ask. the last time we had this conversation i told him i would slow down a bit. that was a few months ago when i was officially only working part time, but about 60 hours a week. now i am working full time officially, but about 70 hours a week. and it isn't about overtime. i don't get overtime because i am a supervisor. this time he added that he wanted the center open no more than 40 hours a week except for special events. he knows i will go insane if i only work 40 hours a week. i agreed to change the hours from noon to 9, but that i would use the mornings for meetings and grant writing. he rolled his eyes, but i think he knew it was the best he would get. he has seen me at board and other meetings in the community. he told me i have a "save the world" mentality. he said if someone, in a meeting, asks for volunteers to help shovel dog shit on canal street my hand is the first to go up. and that if there is anything i can do to help others i jump on it. he is right. but i feel lucky my boss cares about me working too much. and i need to learn that i can't expect my staff to work the way i do.
but if i could get a good pool of passionate volunteers.......
don't fear death

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sometimes there are exceptional teachers. i've been using the book Sophie's World as a teaching tool for summer camp and came across this link.


i did an awesome activity with the kids this afternoon. (my afternoon volunteer is out of town so i am working with them this week). the activity was called "Peace Place". i had each of the kids pick a special place in the room that will be their peace place when they are upset or angry. it is sort of like a time out but not a punishment and anger management is a huge focus in camp. they put big index cards on the wall with their names on them by their peace place. they were excited to have their own place to cool down when they need to. anyway....one of the kids came up to me as she was hunting for her own peace place and said "my peace place is in your arms". she is about 8. isn't that the sweetest thing?
don't fear death

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profiles crack me up.
1. if you have 12 inches i am running as far away from you as possible.
2. what the hell is this "all limits respected"? maybe for some girls. but i want mine pushed.
3. it is the same with SSC..... i know i am not average, but i don't want consensual. safe is boring and nothing i like to do is sane.
3. if you can't spell and you want to meet people online, how are you going to hold an intelligent conversation?
4. putting Sir or Master as your name is just wrong..... having parts as a screen name is ok for identifying your kink, but to expect complete strangers to address you with a term of respect you have yet to earn....just wrong, i tell you.
5. submission as a gift is so .... blah

more later.....