July 27th, 2003

don't fear death

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i've started playing Materia Magica this weekend in an effort to steer clear from work. not bad. i like the old text games still. the only irritating thing is that you have to reach level 2 before it will save and if you lose your connection before then you have to create your character all over again and it takes forever to kill things. of course you have to kill things to gain experience and levels. i don't like that part either. it makes me sad when i read:
A squirrel is smashed on the head with your bash causing trifling damage.
You are smashed on the torso by a squirrel's bash causing paltry damage.
A squirrel has several minor wounds and bruises.

and then the squirrel is more seriously hurt and on and on. poor squirrel. bad maia.

i haven't played MUDs or MOOs or MUSHs in a long time. but i am hanging around the keys today in the hopes of catching an old friend i keep missing online.