June 26th, 2003

don't fear death

lator gator

i usually let thien wander the pier in the evening until i go to bed. last night, as i stepped outside to find and bring him in, i heard a splash that was too loud for a fish and too loud for a cat falling overboard, again. scanning the water on the port side i saw a little triangle head and glowing eyes. i'd finally spotted the alligator rumored to be hanging out in the marina. what a treat! i sat on the finger pier next door and watched him watch me, from only a couple of feet away. i tossed him chicken patty... but it was vegetarian chicken patty and he didn't like it. i figured since he was stalking my cat i would give him the next best thing and i tossed him some canned cat food. that was more acceptable. he came as close to the finger pier as he could get. i sat and kept him company for about an hour.
i love living out here. thien is not happy because he has to stay inside. now that i have seen the gator, i can't let him out. it could be the last time he falls overboard :(
have a happy day!
don't fear death

(no subject)

i am trying to write a proposal. i am totally uninspired. nothing looks right with words today. i wish i had help. i can come up with the ideas and run the programs, but i hate writing the proposals.... ok, maybe i don't hate them, but i think i am tired of writing them alone. if i could just get some funding i could hire some help and someone else can work on them too! what a catch-22.
i am having problems focusing tonight. all day. i get side-tracked so easily. i will start researching something i need for the proposal and follow one link and then another and then another.....suddenly i realize i am not even on the same topic anymore. i so lack self-discipline.
i'm really tired tonight too. i think i haven't been getting enough sleep. i know i have been staying up much later than usual. i've a good reason for that and it has been very well worth it (i may have been wrong about out of sight, out of mind). i should just go to bed, get up early and discipline myself enough to get all but the budget done by day close tomorrow.
i don't have to fed ex it until tuesday. i'm going to look for the alligator again and then go to bed.
la la salama...