June 23rd, 2003

don't fear death


i am so angry......
this little guy has been hanging out in the lagoon behind my office. i peek out every now and then to watch him swim around.
today, i am just returning from a board meeting and the kids are all at the gate.....they are yelling to me that "they got the alligator!" i look just in time to see a few teenagers walking away with an alligator on their shoulders. the kids tell me it happens all the time.... that one of the vietnamese markets pay for alligators.
"good money!" one of them tells me.
"what do you mean? how much?" i ask.
"$20??? they kill an alligator for $20?? what is wrong with them? i would give them $50 to let it be!" i am stunned, upset and pissed off.
"they beat em with sticks until they can catch em. they tore his arm off."
now i am really pissed....fuming. how can they do this? do they have no feelings for living beings at all??
"where is he?" i ask. i take one of the kids for a ride to show me exactly what store holds the fate of my reptilian friend.
and then i call the department of wildlife and fisheries. it is illegal to catch a gator. surely more so to torture it. i want to turn in the whole lot of them.....the teenagers, the vietnamese store owners. the kids, since i have been out here, have killed a mother kitten and more than half of her litter, attempted to stone a baby bird to death and thrown rocks at the alligators until i go screaming after them. why?? why do they have to be so mean? and what can i do to get through to them???
i try to help these kids....to give them a future, an education and chance of getting out of their housing development doom. this is one area where i can't reach them. i don't know how. i get upset if anyone squashes a bug.....these kids abuse anything that is weaker than they are......
and the vietnamese market that pays a few dollars for the risk the kids take and then butchers the animals....not just alligators, but chickens and ducks and who knows what else.......
i told the kids to spread the word.....that i would turn in anyone i see near the alligator pit or harassing the gators in the lagoon. and i will..... damn the consequences.
i hope he is dead and not still tied up behind the market, suffering.
i fully believe in karma. i really do. it is my only comfort.