June 20th, 2003

don't fear death

friday five and future

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?
yes....when i was a kid i was toehead....almost white. then it went to blonde, to reddish in my early 20's. i died it black when i moved to india and have never managed to have a color i've had before. its sort of an auburn now......oh, and i admit i am getting grey too.

3. How do your normally wear your hair?
normal? there is none.....sometimes down, sometimes all up, pony tail, two braids, pulled back....whatever

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?
the same

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?
the worst was a dorothy hamil haircut when i was about 10. i always wake up with tangles.....m mom got sick of it. now, as an adult, i think the condition of my hair in the morning is a sure sign of how good sex was the night before. ;) the more tangled and knotted.....the better it was!

This should prove to be a fortunate and rewarding day for you, MAIA. Positive career moves can make a big difference in your income, and a new partnership could be formed. In fact, this could be a great day to discuss any sort of partnership, whether romantic or business. Business and money matters continue to go well for you, though you might be feeling a little weary of all the activity. All you really want is to get away by yourself for a while.

this is an interesting one...... positive career moves? up until this week, i have had two jobs.... running the new orleans branch of a national nonprofit and running a center for at-risk youth and their families in a housing development. this week i chose one and quit the other. the thing is, although the latter is part-time, i have spent more than 40 hours a week at that one too. but the pay at that one is part-time. and that is the one i chose to keep. i've recently received proceeds from a family estate that will tide me over and the center really wants me full-time. so, i think all will be ok..... i may come out of this with one full time job and the opportunity to regain a bit of a social life outside of work. the part about being weary of all the activity hits the mark for sure! i do need to get away and plan on taking a cruise with mom and briarroseno in september.