June 14th, 2003

don't fear death

clothes horse?

quite a few years ago, when i first separated from my husband, i moved into a tiny little house in a tiny little town. i called the house my shoebox. little did i know i would actually be living in something that way more resembled a shoebox years later. i have too many clothes. i have too few closets. my bedroom looks like a department store exploded in there.
living on a boat doesn't exactly give one room to expand. i've half a mind to take out the bunk beds in the hallway and convert that space into a closet. i was going to take out the bottom bunk anyway and build a desk there. why would i need a desk in the hallway? give me a closet!! i have four itty bitty drawers and two itty bitty closets. and lots of clothes. my clothes are always wrinkled because i have no place to put them so they end up tossed on the empty side of the bed. (i'm convinced wrinkle-out downy in a spray bottle is the best invention ever!) ya, i know i have clothes i haven't worn in a year and there are always a few pieces i am convinced i will one day fit into again. i just can't get rid of them. and i can't stop either. i hate to shop and i really hate to spend a fortune on clothes. so i browse thrift shops....especially since i love clothes from the 60s. i went into the volunteers of america shop this morning while christopher was getting a hair cut next door. they have a section of the store with clothes that are brand new....close-outs and donations, whatever.... but the tags are still on them and they are almost always in perfect shape. well, needless to say, i really need more closet space. you just can't turn down old navy and liz claiborne for $4.99. i think if i get a day bed or even a double bed in place of the queen bed, i will have room for a closet.
it's the same with books.....i still pay for a storage room every month because i can't get rid of the books that live there. i still buy them too and they stack up on the floor on the same side of the bed as the temporary horizontal closet.
at least i made more room in the living room by putting my shelves together and taking out the coffee table that previously held the tv and all the other stuff now on the shelves. it widened the living room and now i have room to do my yoga. room doesn't always mean time, mind you. but i don't have that excuse anymore.
tonight i am off to do outreach in the quarter with CAN. it's a late start tonight....10 to midnight. but i don't have to get up early in the morning and plan on fiddling around on the sailboat tomorrow. one of my neighbors is going to come down and show me the ropes, so to speak. there is also a boat safety organization that will, later in june, offer two saturday classes at no cost. i just have to buy the books. i'm there :)