June 12th, 2003

don't fear death

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this should have been for yesterday!

As a result of a busy and stressful schedule, you might find your nerves a little on edge today. You might not feel much like talking to anyone, MAIA, and this could give others the impression you're upset with them. Be sure to communicate how you're feeling up front, so as to short-circuit any hurt feelings before they arise. Then spend the day by yourself, reading and relaxing. You deserve a quiet day, after all! Put your feet up and relax!

we are having a condom blitz saturday from 10pm to midnight saturday night. its outreach, passing out condoms, starting at CAN and going through the quarter. we have a lot of fun! volunteers needed. come join us!

i was going to sleep late and go in late today. that didn't work...i was up by 7:30, but i am going in late.

i did tell that someone i last wrote about that i missed our conversations. no reply. there's a difference between keeping a safe distance and pushing away.

i updated my amazon wishlist with some sailing books. i am eager to learn how to sail and take out my new baby.

The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul

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