June 8th, 2003

don't fear death


the only thing on my to-do list for the day i have and will actually do is my boat garden. i bought heather, jasmine, marigolds, geraniums and other flowers and plants. they are all repotted and in their new homes on the deck. i spent more than i should have, but when i sit outside now i am sure every penny was worth it. i've made my own little haven. even thien loves it. maybe i will post a pic tomorrow. i didn't really do it today, but last night. i was outside potting plants until almost 11 last night. living on a boat doesn't mean i can't have my garden. unless...the harbor master says something.... see, it is illegal here (and in most states) to live aboard a vessel. all the plants may be too much of a sign of live aboard. i'm not really a live aboard....i am a stay aboard. there is a technical difference according to how the law was written. one of the things i love about law....verbiage is so much fun. there is truly no such thing as the letter of the law.
there were 4 stay aboards, including me, on my pier. my neighbor left a couple of weeks ago and another one is on his way out. they are tired of the politics and the letters from the levee board that constantly remind us that we are not allowed to live here - only to stay here. they are going to west end. west end marina is full of politicians, so the harbor master there is blind, of course. west end is also full of boats and i wonder if they realize how their view will change from water to masts.
i pay taxes on my boat and i pay marina rent and associated fees.
one morning i was out feeding the ducks when the harbor master came by. he has always been quite friendly with me and i am pretty sure he knows i live aboard (though i am not home all that much). he told me that people complain about the ducks and have asked him what he is going to do about the ducks. do about the ducks?? "they live here," i said. he tells them it is part of the wild life and there is nothing he can do about them. people like that shouldn't be allowed to moor here at all. i think the wild life is the greatest benefit of being here. it is the people who do not live out here that don't seem to care. they dump their oil and their trash into the lake, leave the dock cart at their slip full of trash when they go out and have no regard for the water.

"Live-aboard vessel" means:
(a) Any vessel used solely as a residence;
(b) Any vessel represented as a place of business, a professional or other commercial enterprise, or a legal residence.

A person may have several temporary local residences, but can have only one legal residence. A legal residence, or domicile, is the "place where a person has fixed an abode with the present intention of making it their permanent home." Black's Law Dictionary defines "legal residence" as "permanent fixed place of abode which person intends to be his residence and to which he intends to return despite ... temporary absences."

my residential address is not at the marina. i am temporary absent from my mailing address, though i do go there a few times a week. and of almost every 24 hour period i am only on board about 9 hours. and i often spend saturday nights with carolyn.

i am not worried.....i think if a live aboard.....i mean, a stay aboard, doesn't cause problems, keeps the area neat and clean and holds a general respect for the surroundings and the harbor master (it is all political, after all), there should be no issues.

anyway, today i have my june date. one a month. i just don't look forward to those things..... i would rather someone just hand me a man and say, "here, this is the one for you." skip all that awkward chat and getting to know each other. i always have this feeling of dread before i go to meet someone. most of the time i cancel, but i am going to keep my "one-a-month" word. a cup of coffee or a drink is good. i never do dinner. dinner is a long time. a drink and it is perfectly appropriate to go if there is no chemistry. i'm not a pessimist...really. i just know how these things go.

there is one man i wouldn't mind meeting for coffee and maybe dinner (breakfast?). and i think i would look forward to it, even be nervous. yes, surely nervous. we have been talking on line and, occasionally by phone. meeting could destroy it. i've told carolyn about him and when she asked when we were going to meet (as people normally do) i didn't know what to say. i had never thought about it. it truly never crossed my mind to take a good thing and risk losing it. besides, maybe it isn't all that much anyway. we only talk about once a week. and (deep breath) honestly, i wish it were more often. maybe i am out of sight, out of mind the rest of the time..... maybe all my relationship fears and cynicism make him keep his distance. we haven't talked in about a week now and (another really deep breath) i miss our conversations. maybe i should tell him so.....?

ok, that is way more than i wanted to write....and think. time to get to work and then get my one-a-month over with today :)


don't fear death


Dear MAIA,
Love relationships should go especially well right now. A new understanding could be reached at this time between you and a current or potential romantic partner, and a new sense of commitment, security and stability could be reached. The two of you are likely to spend some real "quality" time together today, perhaps alone, perhaps with friends. All in all, MAIA, expect an uneventful yet happy and satisfying day. Have fun!
don't fear death

date debt free

well.....i have to say that was one of the best dates i have ever had.

he didn't show. stood up.

but it really was the best date. i called carolyn to see if she wanted to meet me for a drink, and then called eric too. caught another friend walking by who came in to join us for a bit. that was a treat because he is moving to california in a couple of weeks.

i had a few too many absolute and cranberry juices. we had a good dinner at the praline connection and then went to eric's to skinny dip in his pool for the rest of the afternoon.

what a great afternoon.....

thank you, mr. stand up!

that means june's date is done! i made the effort. that counts.